About Me

C.V. Krause is a non-fiction author and blogger from California. She holds a Master of Arts in Curriculum and Teaching from the prestigious University of San Francisco, where she developed her skills in teaching secondary science. She holds a current California Teaching Credential in Biology, an international certification to teach English as second language (TESOL/TEFL), and a national Yoga teacher certification through YogaFit. She has spent the last decade teaching ESL, Biology, and Yoga throughout the United States and abroad.


C.V. Krause is a survivor and healer of interstitial cystitis (IC/PBS), a debilitating ulcerative bladder disease that affects nearly 4 million people in the U.S. Due to the extreme pain caused by this mysterious condition along with the medical community deeming it irreversible, the suicide rate is comparatively high. Because IC predominantly affects women, its severity is often minimized and under-reported. C.V. Krause is dedicated to shedding light on the detrimental effects that this disease can have on people’s lives, as well as acting as voice in the natural healing community. She is an advocate for the reduction of antibiotic use aside from acute life-threatening illness, and writes regularly on how to repair the microbiota of the gut and urogenital tract after antibiotic damage.

C.V. Krause is the owner and operator of Right Mind Health, where she coaches others on their innate ability to heal their body through mindfulness, movement and nutrition.


“My mission is to bring people back into harmony with their bodies so that disease cannot continue. Through rigorous study and continuous campaigns to inform the public, I hope to provide an accessible platform from which people can take ownership of their own healing. It is my belief that disease arises from the following factors: nutritional deficiencies, emotional/psychological disharmony, toxicity/pathogens, and lack of exercise. If we address the four pillars of disease and heal the root causes, we can eliminate disease entirely.”

– C.V.Krause