Forgive Yourself

One of the best ways to stay stuck in the cycle of procrastination and addiction is a lack of self-forgiveness. There is nothing you can do about the past. Whether your mind keeps replaying past actions, events, or past choices – if you are looking back, you are stuck in a place that no longer exists. All you can do is change today, this very minute, and move bravely toward the future. Keeping yourself bound by your shame only holds you back from your highest potential. Shame and un-forgiveness weigh us down like heavy baggage. This baggage makes it that much harder to lift the weight of a new task or goal. You must release this baggage and be willing to heal emotionally if you want to find your ultimate success. I promise that you CAN heal emotionally from ANYTHING. No matter how terrible your past was, you survived it for a reason – and you deserve happiness, health, and success. I believe that the harder your battle is, the greater your destiny. They say that God chooses his strongest warriors to endure his toughest battles. Use your past as proof that you have the strength to endure any challenge that this task or goal may bring your way. You have dealt with things much harder than this!

Exercise for self-forgiveness:

When I notice thoughts or feelings that center around me not deserving to reach for my goals, I stop and place my right hand over my heart, and my left hand over my belly. I then state the following mantras: “I have the right to move on from my past. I deserve forgiveness. I deserve success. I deserve happiness. I deserve health. I deserve wealth. I am strong, I am safe, I am powerful. I am divinely supported. Boldness is my divine right. Fear is an illusion.”

Allow this exercise to shift your perception and your feelings. As silly as you may feel at first, trust the process. Soon you will cultivate self-forgiveness, which leads to self-love. And self-love has a way of moving us to achieve the unthinkable.


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